Makes for a great gift!

If you love the print, but aren't much of a tote bag person. Looks perfect at home or at the office. Can be framed, but holds enough weight to look sturdy without a frame. 

  • 11 x 17, printed on matte poster paper at home in Brooklyn

Designed after the iconic plastic take-out bags that come with every meal delivery and to-go order. I initially got interested in these bags because they seemingly have not changed their designs since the 1980s; they're clunky and outdated, but this decades-long familiarity makes them so comforting to us. During the pandemic I started ordering delivery more than usual, and I began to collect the plastic bags my food came in because I loved their "bad" art. I wanted to reimagine these clunky but sweet graphics with an Iranian point of view -- and, of course, make them reusable :)

Translations: the Farsi/Persian on both the Rose and Smiley bag means "have a good day". The Farsi on the red and white text bag means "merci" as in "thank you"!