Our New York pin is for everyone — not just New Yorkers, Middle Easterners, or those who can read the Arabic alphabet. Spelling out “New York” in Farsi using a font inspired by 1970s Iranian travel posters, this pin is legible to readers of Arabic, Urdu, Bengali (basically any language that uses the Arabic alphabet) so you’re bound to make new friends no matter where you go. Cop this pin if you rep NYC IRL or in your heart!


If you’re not from a country that uses this script, we want you to know that your support counts and you’re more than welcome to wear this pin. Cop it if you wanna support your Middle-Eastern/North-African friends by representing their language and normalizing the Arabic alphabet in Western settings. It’s a difficult time for many of us and we thank you for being an ally!

  • 1.74" x 0.75
  • acrylic