The perfectly constructed crewneck. Structured without being too firm, cozy without being too casual. Warm fleece will keep you snug throughout the year, perfect for layering. Your regular size will give you a slightly oversized fit. Size down for a tighter fit.

The latest installment in my quest to make clothes I really wanna wear but can’t find anywhere: a graffiti + Farsi mashup. Be the multicultural remix you wanna see in the world.

Each piece has “New York” spelled out in Farsi/Arabic, encased in a big juicy heart with stars and swirls surrounding it. If your local county fair growing up had a Middle Eastern booth, I think these would be sold there. Or they might've been rolled up in the gift bag at your cousin’s sweet sixteen in 2002. A nostalgic af way to combine our Eastern heritage with some Y2K antics. Each piece has been airbrushed by hand in New York by the experienced airbrush artist Justin at Airbrush Everything. His work is phenomenal and each piece is unique; no one will have the same one as you!

Pre-washed for a no-shrink fit. Heat-set, meaning the color will be retained but may slightly fade over time with repeated washings. Handwashing is preferable, but if you use a machine, wash it cold using the delicate or handwash setting. Dry on the delicate cycle with low heat. Treat this garment like the artwork that it is!

Sewn in Los Angeles, designed and airbrushed in New York. 100% cotton.

Kate is 5'3" and wearing size M. Kianoosh is 5'11" and wearing size L.